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Ajax Design Patterns Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 180.18

Cena netto: 171.60

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Michael Mahemoff
Liczba_stron 656
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media
Data_Wydania 2006-06-29
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media
  • Data wydania: 29 czerwca 2006
  • Liczba stron: 656
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Michael Mahemoff


Ajax, or Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, exploded onto thescene in the spring of 2005 and remains the hottest story among webdevelopers. With its rich combination of technologies, Ajax provides astrong foundation for creating interactive web applications with XML orJSON-based web services by using JavaScript in the browser to processthe web server response.

Ajax Design Patterns shows you bestpractices that can dramatically improve your web development projects.It investigates how others have successfully dealt with conflictingdesign principles in the past and then relays that informationdirectly to you.

The patterns outlined in the book fall into fourcategories:

  • Foundational technology: Examines the raw technologiesrequired for Ajax development
  • Programming: Exposes techniques that developers havediscovered to ensure their Ajax applications are maintainable
  • Functionality and usability: Describes the types of userinterfaces you'll come across in Ajax applications, as well as the newtypes of functionality that Ajax makes possible
  • Development: Explains the process being used to monitor,debug, and test Ajax applications

Ajax Design Patterns will also get you upto speed with core Ajax technologies, such as XMLHttpRequest, the DOM, and JSON.Technical discussions are followed by code examples so you can see foryourself just what is-and isn't-possible with Ajax. This handyreference will help you to produce high-quality Ajax architectures,streamline web application performance, and improve the userexperience.

Michael Mahemoff holds a PhD in ComputerScience and Software Engineering from the University of Melbourne, where his thesiswas "Design Reuse in Software Engineering and Human-ComputerInteraction." He lives in London and consults on software developmentissues in banking, health care, and logistics.

"Michael Mahemoff's Ajax Design Patternsis a truly comprehensive compendium of webapplication design expertise, centred around but not limited to Ajaxtechniques. Polished nuggets of design wisdom are supportedby tutorials and real-world code examples resulting in a book thatserves not only as an intermediate to expert handbook but also as anextensive reference for building rich interactive web applications."
-Brent Ashley, remote scripting pioneer

O autorze/autorach:

Michael Mahemoff

Michael Mahemoff holds a Ph.D in Computer Science and Software Engineering from The University of Melbourne, where his thesis was on "Design Reuse in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction". He lives in London and consults on software development issues in banking, healthcare, and logistics.

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Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Introduction

    1. Chapter 1 Introducing Ajax
      1. Ajax and the Usable Web
      2. The Rise of Ajax
      3. Ajaxifying the Web: The Story of Portals
      4. Webifying the Desktop: The Story of Office Applications
      5. Characteristics of Ajax Applications
      6. The Ajax Technologies
      7. Anatomy of a Server Call
      8. Ajax Trends
      9. Conclusions
    2. Chapter 2 A Pattern-Led Tutorial
      1. Ajax Technologies in a Blink
      2. Ajaxifying a Web App: One Pattern at a Time
      3. Projects and Katas
      4. Conclusions
    3. Chapter 3 Ajax Design: Principles and Patterns
      1. Desirable Attributes of Ajax Applications
      2. Designing for Ajax
      3. Ajax Patterns Overview
      4. Anatomy of a Pattern
      5. Ajax Patterns Demos
      6. Conclusions
  2. Foundational Technology Patterns

    1. Chapter 4 Ajax App
      1. Ajax App
    2. Chapter 5 Display Manipulation
      1. Display Morphing
      2. Page Rearrangement
    3. Chapter 6 Web Remoting
      1. Web Service
      2. XMLHttpRequest Call
      3. IFrame Call
      4. HTTP Streaming
      5. On-Demand JavaScript
    4. Chapter 7 Dynamic Behavior
      1. User Action
      2. Scheduling
    5. Chapter 8 Extended Technologies
      1. Richer Plugin
  3. Programming Patterns

    1. Chapter 9 Web Services
      1. RESTful Service
      2. RPC Service
      3. Ajax Stub
      4. HTML Message
      5. Plain-Text Message
      6. XML Message
      7. JSON Message
    2. Chapter 10 Browser-Server Dialogue
      1. Call Tracking
      2. Periodic Refresh
      3. Submission Throttling
      4. Explicit Submission
      5. Distributed Events
      6. Cross-Domain Proxy
    3. Chapter 11 DOM Population
      1. XML Data Island
      2. Browser-Side XSLT
      3. Browser-Side Templating
    4. Chapter 12 Code Generation and Reuse
      1. Server-Side Code Generation
      2. Cross-Browser Component
    5. Chapter 13 Performance Optimization
      1. Browser-Side Cache
      2. Predictive Fetch
      3. Guesstimate
      4. Multi-Stage Download
      5. Fat Client
  4. Functionality and Usability Patterns

    1. Chapter 14 Widgets
      1. Slider
      2. Progress Indicator
      3. Drilldown
      4. Data Grid
      5. Rich Text Editor
      6. Suggestion
      7. Live Search
      8. Live Command-Line
      9. Live Form
    2. Chapter 15 Page Architecture
      1. Drag-And-Drop
      2. Sprite
      3. Popup
      4. Malleable Content
      5. Microlink
      6. Portlet
      7. Status Area
      8. Update Control
      9. Virtual Workspace
    3. Chapter 16 Visual Effects
      1. One-Second Spotlight
      2. One-Second Mutation
      3. One-Second Motion
      4. Highlight
    4. Chapter 17 Functionality
      1. Lazy Registration
      2. Direct Login
      3. Host-Proof Hosting
      4. Timeout
      5. Heartbeat
      6. Unique URLs
  5. Development Patterns

    1. Chapter 18 Diagnosis
      1. Logging
      2. Debugging
      3. DOM Inspection
      4. Traffic Sniffing
    2. Chapter 19 Testing
      1. Simulation Service
      2. Browser-Side Test
      3. Service Test
      4. System Test
  6. Appendixes

    1. AppendixAjax Frameworks and Libraries
      1. JavaScript Multipurpose Frameworks
      2. JavaScript Remoting Frameworks
      3. JavaScript Effects Frameworks
      4. JavaScript Flash Frameworks
      5. JavaScript XML Frameworks
      6. JavaScript Specialized Frameworks
      7. Multilanguage Ajax Frameworks
      8. C++ Ajax Frameworks
      9. ColdFusion Ajax Frameworks
      10. .NET Ajax Frameworks
      11. Java Ajax Frameworks
      12. Lisp Ajax Frameworks
      13. Perl Ajax Frameworks
      14. PHP Ajax Frameworks
      15. Python Ajax Frameworks
      16. Ruby Ajax Frameworks
    2. AppendixSetting Up the Code Examples
    3. AppendixPatterns and Pattern Languages
    4. AppendixReferences
  1. Colophon

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