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AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Cert Guide Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 289.80

Cena netto: 276.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Mark Wilkins
Liczba_stron 704
Wydawnictwo Pearson IT Certification
Data_Wydania 2021-10-20
AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Cert Guide

Trust the best-selling Cert Guide series from Pearson IT Certification to help you learn, prepare, and practice for exam success. They are built with the objective of providing assessment, review, and practice to help ensure you are fully prepared for your certification exam.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Cert Guide presents you with an organized test-preparation routine using proven series elements and techniques. Do I Know This Already? quizzes open each chapter and enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section. Exam topic lists make referencing easy. Chapter-ending Exam Preparation Tasks help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly.

* Master AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) exam topics

* Assess your knowledge with chapter-opening quizzes

* Review key concepts with exam preparation tasks

* Practice with realistic exam questions in the practice test software

AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Cert Guide from Pearson IT Certification prepares you to succeed on the exam by directly addressing the exams official objectives as stated by Amazon. Leading Cloud expert Mark Wilkins shares preparation hints and test-taking tips, helping you identify areas of weakness and improve both your conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills.

This complete study package includes

* A test-preparation routine proven to help you pass the exams
* Do I Know This Already? quizzes, which enable you to decide how much time you need to spend on each section
* Chapter-ending Key Topic tables, which help you drill on key concepts you must know thoroughly
* The powerful Pearson Test Prep Practice Test software, complete with hundreds of well-reviewed, exam-realistic questions, customization options, and detailed performance reports
* An online, interactive Flash Cards application to help you drill on Key Terms by chapter
* A final preparation chapter, which guides you through tools and resources to help you craft your review and test-taking strategies
* Study plan suggestions and templates to help you organize and optimize your study time

Well regarded for its level of detail, study plans, assessment features, and challenging review questions and exercises, this study guide helps you master the concepts and techniques that ensure your exam success.

This study guide helps you master all the topics on the AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) exam, including
* Resilient Architectures: multi-tier architecture solutions; highly available and/or fault-tolerant architectures; decoupling mechanisms using AWS services; resilient storage
* High-Performing Architectures: elastic and scalable compute solutions; high-performing and scalable storage solutions, networking solutions, and database solutions
* Secure Applications and Architectures: secure access to AWS resources; secure application tiers; data security options
* Cost-Optimized Architectures: cost-effective storage solutions and compute and database services; cost-optimized network architectures
Introduction xxvi
Chapter 1 Understanding the Foundations of AWS
Essential Characteristics of AWS Cloud Computing
    On-Demand Self-Service
    Broad Network Access
    Resource Pooling
    Rapid Elasticity
    Measured Service
Moving to AWS
    Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
    Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Operational Benefits of AWS
Cloud Provider Limitations
Security at AWS
    Network Security at AWS
    Application Security at AWS
    Playing in the AWS Sandbox
    Determining What Problem Needs to Be Solved
Migrating Applications
    Applications That Can Be Moved to AWS and Hosted on an EC2 Instance with No Changes
    Applications with Many Local Dependencies That Cause Problems When Being Moved to the Cloud
    Replacing an Existing Application with a SaaS Application Hosted by a Public Cloud Provider
    Applications That Should Remain on Premises and Eventually Be Deprecated
The AWS Well-Architected Framework
    The Well-Architected Tool
In Conclusion
Chapter 2 Designing Multi-Tier Architecture Solutions
Do I Know This Already? Quiz
Foundation Topics
Availability and Reliability
    Availability in the Cloud
AWS Regions and Availability Zones
    Availability Zones
    Availability Zone Distribution
    Multiple Availability Zones
Choosing a Region
    Compliance Rules
        Understanding Compliance Rules at AWS
        The Shared Responsibility Model
        AWS and Compliance
    Latency Concerns
    Services Offered in Each AWS Region
    Calculating Costs
Multi-Tier Architecture Solutions
    Resilient VPC Architecture
    Design Problems to Overcome
    Multi-Tier Data Redundancy
        Protecting Against Application Failure
AWS Global Services: Edge Locations
    Services Located at the Edge
        Route 53
        AWS Shield (Standard and Advanced)
        Web Application Firewall (WAF)
        AWS Lambda@Edge
AWS Service Quotas
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 3 Highly Available and Fault-Tolerant Architectures
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz
Foundation Topics
Comparing Architecture Designs
    Designing for High Availability
    Adding Fault Tolerance
    Removing Single Points of Failure
Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    Backup and Restoration
    Pilot Light Solution
    Warm Standby Solution
    Hot Site Solution
    Multi-Region Active-Active Application Deployment
    The AWS Service-Level Agreement (SLA)
Automating AWS Architecture
    Automating Infrastructure with CloudFormation
        CloudFormation Components
        CloudFormation Templates
        CloudFormation Stacks
        CloudFormation Stack Sets
    Third-Party Solutions
    AWS Service Catalog
Elastic Beanstalk
    Updating Elastic Beanstalk Applications
Deployment Methodologies
    Rule 1: Use One Codebase That Is Tracked with Version Control to Allow Many Deployments
        AWS CodeCommit
    Rule 2: Explicitly Declare and Isolate Dependencies
    Rule 3: Store Configuration in the Environment
    Rule 4: Treat Backing Services as Attached Resources
    Rule 5: Separate the Build and Run Stages
    Rule 6: Execute an App as One or More Stateless Processes
    Rule 7: Export Services via Port Binding
    Rule 8: Scale Out via the Process Model
    Rule 9: Maximize Robustness with Fast Startup and Graceful Shutdown
    Rule 10: Keep Development, Staging, and Production as Similar as Possible
    Rule 11: Treat Logs as Event Streams
    Rule 12: Run Admin/Management Tasks as One-Off Processes
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 4 Decoupling Mechanisms Using AWS Services
"Do I Know This Already?" Quiz
Foundation Topics
Stateful Design
    Changing User State Locations
    User Session Management
Application Integration Services
    Amazon SNS
        SNS Cheat Sheet
    Amazon SQS
        SQS Cheat Sheet
    AWS Step Functions
    Lambda Cheat Sheet
API Gateway
    API Gateway Cheat Sheet
Building a Serverless Web App
    Step 1: Create a Static Website
    Step 2: Handle User Authentication
    Step 3: Create the Serverless Backend Components
    Step 4: Set Up the API Gateway
    Step 5: Register for Conference
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 5 Choosing Resilient Storage
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
AWS Storage Options
    Workload Storage Requirements
Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
    EBS Volume Types
    General-Purpose SSD (gp2/gp3)
    Elastic Volumes
    Attaching an EBS Volume
    EBS Cheat Sheet
    EBS Snapshots
        Taking a Snapshot from a Linux Instance
        Taking a Snapshot from a Windows Instance
        Snapshot Administration
        Snapshot Cheat Sheet
    Local Instance Storage
Elastic File System (EFS)
    EFS Performance Modes
    EFS Throughput Modes
    EFS Security
    EFS Lifecycle Management
    EFS DataSync
    EFS Cheat Sheet
FSx for Windows File Server
Simple Storage Service (S3)
    Buckets, Objects, and Keys
    S3 Data Consistency
    S3 Storage Classes
    S3 Management
    Amazon S3 Access Points
    S3 Cheat Sheet
S3 Glacier Storage Options
    S3 Glacier
    Vaults and Archives
    S3 Glacier Deep Archive
    Glacier Cheat Sheet
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 6 Designing High-Performing Compute Architecture
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
EC2 Instances
    Instance Families
    What Is a vCPU?
    EC2 Instance Choices
        Micro Instances
        General-Purpose Instances
        Instances Designed to Burst
        Compute-Optimized Instances
        Memory-Optimized Instances
        x1 Instances
        High-Memory Instances
        z1d Instances
        Accelerated Computing Instances
        g3 Instances
        f1 Instances
        Storage-Optimized Instances
        Bare-Metal Instances
    Dedicated Hosts
        Dedicated Hosts Cheat Sheet
    Dedicated Instances
    EC2 Network Performance
    Using Launch Templates
    Changing the Current Instance Type
    Amazon Lightsail
Amazon Machine Images (AMIs)
    Choosing an AMI
        AWS Linux AMIs
        Windows AMIs
    AMIs at AWS Marketplace
    Creating a Custom AMI
    Instance Store-Backed Windows or Linux AMIs
    Custom Instance Store AMIs
    AMI Build Considerations
Elastic Container Service (ECS)
    Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS)
    AWS Fargate
    AWS ECS for Kubernetes (EKS)
Monitoring with CloudWatch
    CloudWatch Basic Monitoring
    CloudWatch Logs
    Collecting Data with the CloudWatch Agent
    Planning for Monitoring
    CloudWatch Integration
    CloudWatch Terminology
    Creating a CloudWatch Alarm
    Additional Alarm and Action Settings
    CloudWatch Cheat Sheet
Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) Services
    Redundancy in Design
    Health Checks
    ELB Cheat Sheet
    Classic Load Balancer (CLB)
    Application Load Balancer (ALB)
        Target Groups
        ALB Cheat Sheet
        Big-Picture Steps: ALB Creation
        Rule Choices
        HTTPS Listener Security Settings
        Target Group Routing
        Target Group Attributes
        Maintaining User Sessions
        Sticky Session Support
        Configuring Health Checks
        ALB Security
    Monitoring Load Balancer Operation
        Access Logs
    Network Load Balancer
        NLB Cheat Sheet
EC2 Auto Scaling
    EC2 Auto Scaling Cheat Sheet
    EC2 Auto Scaling Operation
        Launch Configuration
        Launch Templates
        Auto Scaling Groups (ASGs)
        Scaling Options for Auto Scaling Groups
    Cooldown Period
    Termination Policy
    Lifecycle Hooks
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 7 Choosing High-Performing and Scalable Storage Solutions
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
Elastic Block Storage (Provisioned IOPS)
    io1 and io2
    Storage-Optimized EC2 Instances
Shared File Storage at AWS
    Elastic File System (EFS)
        EFS Performance Modes
        Storage Classes
        EFS Throughput Modes
        EFS Security
        EFS Cheat Sheet
    Storage Options Compared
    Amazon FSx for Windows File Server
        FSx File System Performance
        FSx Cheat Sheet
    FSx for Lustre
        FSx for Lustre Cheat Sheet
AWS Data Transfer Options
AWS Storage Gateway Family
    AWS Storage Gateway Cheat Sheet
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 8 Selecting Networking Solutions for Workloads
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
VPC Networking
    Partnering with AWS
    VPC Cheat Sheet
    To Host or to Associate?
    Whats Behind the Networking Curtain?
    Its All About Packet Flow
        The Mapping Service
    Creating a VPC
        Using the Create VPC Wizard
        Using the Launch VPC Wizard
        Using the AWS CLI to Create a VPC
    How Many VPCs Do You Need?
    Creating the VPC CIDR Block
        Planning Your Primary VPC CIDR Block
        Adding a Secondary CIDR Block
    The Default VPC
    Revisiting Availability Zones
    Subnet Cheat Sheet
Route Tables
    The Main Route Table
    Custom Route Tables
    Route Table Summary
    Route Table Cheat Sheet
IP Address Types
    Private IPv4 Addresses
    Private IP Address Summary
    Public IPv4 Addresses
        Elastic IP Addresses
        Public IPv4 Address Cheat Sheet
    Inbound and Outbound Traffic Charges
    Bring-Your-Own IP (BYOIP)
        The BYOIP Process
    IPv6 Addresses
Security Groups
    Security Group Cheat Sheet
    Custom Security Groups
        Application Server Inbound Ports
        Database Server Inbound Ports
    Administration Access
    Pinging an EC2 Instance
    Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)
    Security Group Planning
Network ACLs
    Network ACL Implementation Details
    Network ACL Cheat Sheet
    Network ACL Rule Processing
    Understanding Ephemeral Ports
    Network ACL Planning
    VPC Flow Logs
Connectivity Options
    Peering VPCs
    Establishing a Peering Connection
        Gateway Endpoints
        Interface Endpoints
        Endpoint Services with PrivateLink
External Connections
    Internet Gateway: The Public Door
        Internet Gateway Cheat Sheet
    Egress-Only Internet Gateway
        NAT Gateway
        NAT Gateway Cheat Sheet
        Transit Gateway
    VPN Connections
    Virtual Private Gateway
    Customer Gateway
    VPN CloudHub
    Understanding Route Propagation
    Direct Connect
    Direct Connect Cheat Sheet
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 9 Designing High-Performing Database Solutions
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
Relational Database Service (RDS)
    RDS Database Instances
    Database Instance Class Types
    High-Availability Design for RDS
    Multi-AZ RDS Deployments
    Big-Picture RDS Installation Steps
    Monitoring Database Performance
    Best Practices for RDS
    RDS Cheat Sheet
Amazon Aurora
    Aurora Storage
    Communicating with Aurora
    Aurora Cheat Sheet
    Database Design 101
    DynamoDB Tables
        Provisioning Table Capacity
        Adaptive Capacity
        Data Consistency
        ACID and DynamoDB
        Global Tables
    DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX)
    Backup and Restoration
    Memcached Cheat Sheet
    Redis Cheat Sheet
Amazon Redshift
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 10 Securing AWS Resources
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
    IAM Policy Definitions
    IAM Authentication
    Requesting Access to AWS Resources
    The Authorization Process
IAM Users and Groups
    The Root User
    The IAM User
        Creating an IAM User
        IAM User Access Keys
    IAM Groups
    Signing In as an IAM User
    IAM Account Details
    Creating a Password Policy
    Rotating Access Keys
    Using Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Creating IAM Policies
    IAM Policy Types
        Identity-Based Policies
        Resource-Based Policies
        In-Line Policies
    IAM Policy Creation
        Policy Elements
        Reading a Simple JSON Policy
        Policy Actions
        Additional Policy Control Options
        Reviewing Policy Permissions
        IAM Policy Versions
        Using Conditional Elements
        Using Tags with IAM Identities
IAM Roles
    When to Use Roles
        Using Roles When AWS Services Perform Actions on Your Behalf
        Using Roles for EC2 Instances Hosting Applications That Need Access to AWS Resources
        Using Roles with Mobile Applications
    Cross-Account Access to AWS Resources
    AWS Security Token Service (STS)
    IAM Cheat Sheet
    Identity Federation
    IAM Best Practices
    IAM Security Tools
AWS Organizations
    AWS Organizations Cheat Sheet
AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM)
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 11 Securing Application Tiers
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
AWS CloudTrail
    Creating a CloudWatch Trail
    CloudTrail Cheat Sheet
Essential AWS Management Tools
    AWS Secrets Manager
    Amazon Inspector
    AWS Trusted Advisor
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 12 Selecting Appropriate Data Security Options
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
EBS Encryption
S3 Bucket Security
    S3 Storage at Rest
    Object Lock Policies
    Legal Hold
    S3 Glacier Storage at Rest
Key Management Service (KMS)
    Envelope Encryption
    KMS Cheat Sheet
Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM)
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 13 Designing Cost-Effective Solutions
Do I Know This Already?
Foundation Topics
Calculating AWS Costs
    Management Service Costs
    Understanding Tiered Pricing at AWS
Compute Costs
    EC2 Pricing
    On-Demand Instance Limits
    Reserved Instances (RI)
    Term Commitment
    Payment Options
    EC2 Reserved Instance Types
    Scheduled Reserved EC2 Instances
    Regional and Zonal Reserved Instances
    Savings Plans
    Spot Instances
    Spot Fleet Optimization Strategies
    Spot Capacity Pools
    EC2 Fleet
    EC2 Pricing Cheat Sheet
Storage Costs
    Tagging EBS Volumes and Snapshots
    Cost Allocation Tags
    Storage Performance Comparison
Database Costs
    Database Design Solutions
Networking Costs
    Network Design Solutions
    Public Versus Private Traffic Charges
    Data Transfer Costs Cheat Sheet
    Management Tool Pricing Example: AWS Config
        AWS Config Results
AWS Billing Costs
    AWS Cost Explorer
    AWS Budgets
    Cost Explorer
    Cost and Usage Report
    Managing Costs Cheat Sheet
Exam Preparation Tasks
Chapter 14 Final Preparation
Exam Information
Tips for Getting Ready for the Exam
Scheduling Your Exam
Tools for Final Preparation
    Pearson Test Prep Practice Test Software and Questions on the Website
        Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Online
        Accessing the Pearson Test Prep Software Offline
        Customizing Your Exams
    Updating Your Exams
        Premium Edition
    Chapter-Ending Review Tools
Suggested Plan for Final Review/Study
Glossary of Key Terms
Appendix A Answers to the "Do I Know This Already?" Quizzes and Q&A Sections
Appendix B AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate (SAA-C02) Cert Guide Exam Updates

Online Elements:
Appendix C Study Planner
Glossary of Key Terms
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