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Developing Applications for the Cloud on the Microsoft Windows Azure Platform Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 115.71

Cena netto: 110.20

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Matias Woloski
Liczba_stron 168
Wydawnictwo Microsoft Press
Data_Wydania 2010-11-10
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: Microsoft Press
  • Data wydania: 10 listopada 2010
  • Liczba stron: 168
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Eugenio Pace
    • Dominic Betts
    • Scott Densmore
    • Ryan Dunn
    • Masashi Narumoto
    • Matias Woloski


This book is the second volume in a planned series about Windows Azure technology platform. Volume 1, Moving Applications to the Cloud on the Windows Azure Platform, provides an introduction to Windows Azure, discusses the cost model and application life cycle management for cloud-based applications, and describes how to migrate an existing ASP.NET application to the cloud. This book demonstrates how you can create from scratch a multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) application to run in the cloud by using the latest versions of the Windows Azure tools and the latest features of the Windows Azure platform. The book is intended for any architect, developer, or information technology (IT) professional who designs, builds, or operates applications and services that run on or interact with the cloud. Although applications do not need to be based on the Microsoft Windows® operating system to work in Windows Azure, this book is written for people who work with Windows-based systems. You should be familiar with the Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft Visual Studio® development system, ASP.NET MVC, and Microsoft Visual C#® development tool.

O autorze/autorach:

Eugenio Pace

Eugenio Pace is a Senior Program Manager in the patterns & practices group at Microsoft®. He is responsible for developing guidance for migrating and building application for the Windows Azure® platform and for Windows® Phone 7. Before that he worked on architecture guidance for claims based identity and identity federation. You can find his blog here:http://blogs.msdn.com/eugeniopand on twitter @eugenio_Pace.

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Dominic Betts

Dominic Betts is a principal technologist at Content Master, part of CM Group Ltd, a technical authoring and consulting company. An expert on developing applications with the Microsoft .NET Framework and Windows Azure™, Dominic has produced numerous training courses, white papers, and other technical material on .NET, Windows Azure, and Microsoft® BizTalk®.

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Scott Densmore

Scott Densmore works as a Software Engineer at Microsoft®. His primary interests are cloud computing and mobile device computing. You can find him athttp://scottdensmore.typepad.com/and on Twitter @scottdensmore.

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Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn is the Windows Azure™ Technical Evangelist and produces the popular Cloud Cover show on Channel 9. Prior to joining Microsoft®, Ryan was an MVP for ASP.NET and Directory Services.You can find him athttp://dunnry.comor on Twitter @dunnry.

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Masashi Narumoto

Masashi Narumoto works on Microsoft®'s patterns & practices team who delivers applied engineering guidance to Microsoft's customers. His primary interests are in cloud computing and mobile applications. You can find him athttp://blogs.msdn.com/masashi_narumotoor on Twitter @dragon119.

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Matias Woloski

Matias Woloski is a Software Architect at Southworks who specializes on identity and cloud computing. For the past 10 years he has been designing and developing software and helping companies to take advantage of emergent technologies. He is a co-author of the "A Guide to Claims based Identity and Access Control". You can find him athttp://blogs.southworks.net/mwoloskior on Twitter @woloski.

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Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Chapter 1 The Tailspin Scenario

    1. The Tailspin Company
    2. The Surveys Application Architecture
  2. Chapter 2 Hosting a Multi-Tenant Application on Windows Azure

    1. Single-Tenant vs. Multi-Tenant
    2. Multi-Tenancy Architecture in Azure
    3. Selecting a Single-Tenant or Multi-Tenant Architecture
  3. Chapter 3 Accessing the Surveys Application

    1. DNS Names, Certificates, and SSL in the Surveys Application
    2. Geo-Location
    3. Authentication and Authorization
    4. Content Delivery Network
    5. More Information
  4. Chapter 4 Building a Scalable, Multi-Tenant Application for Windows Azure

    1. Partitioning the Application
    2. On-Boarding for Trials and New Customers
    3. Billing Customers
    4. Customizing the User Interface
    5. Scaling Applications by Using Worker Roles
    6. Scaling the Surveys Application
    7. References and Resources
  5. Chapter 5 Working with Data in the Surveys Application

    1. A Data Model for a Multi-Tenant Application
    2. Testing and Windows Azure Storage
    3. Saving Survey Response Data
    4. Displaying Data
    5. Using SQL Azure
    6. References and Resources
  1. AppendixUpdating a Windows Azure Service

    1. Options for Updating a Windows Azure Service
  2. AppendixDebugging and Troubleshooting Windows Azure Applications

    1. Dependencies for Azure Applications and Projects
    2. Debugging Azure Applications Locally During Development
    3. Common Setup and Deployment Errors with Windows Azure
    4. Using Intellitrace with Applications Deployed to Windows Azure
    5. Using Windows Azure Diagnostics
    6. Resolving Permission Issues in Partial Trust Mode
    7. More Information
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