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Google: The Missing Manual, Second Edition Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 100.80

Cena netto: 96.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Matthew MacDonald
Liczba_stron 464
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media
Data_Wydania 2006-03-10
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media / Pogue Press
  • Data wydania: 10 marca 2006
  • Liczba stron: 464
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Sarah Milstein
    • J.D. Biersdorfer
    • Rael Dornfest
    • Matthew MacDonald


Google.com is one of the most popular sites on the Internet and is used around the world by millions of people every day. Sure, you know how to "Google it" when you're searching for something-anything!-on the Web. It's plenty fast and easy to use. But did you know how much more you could achieve with the world's best search engine by clicking beyond the "Google Search" button?

While you can interface with Google in 97 languages and glean results in 35, you can't find any kind of instruction manual from Google. Lucky for you, our fully updated and greatly expanded second edition to the bestselling Google: The Missing Manual covers everything you could possibly want to know about Google, including the newest and coolest-and often most underused (what is Froogle, anyway?)-features. There's even a full chapter devoted to Gmail, Google's free email service that includes a whopping 2.5 GB of space).

This wise and witty guide delivers the complete scoop on Google, from how it works to how you can search far more effectively and efficiently (no more scrolling through 168 pages of seemingly irrelevant results); take best advantage of Google's lesser-known features, such as Google Print, Google Desktop, and Google Suggest; get your website listed on Google; track your visitors with Google Analytics; make money with AdWords and AdSense; and much more.

Whether you're new to Google or already a many-times-a-day user, you're sure to find tutorials, tips, tricks, and tools that take you well beyond simple search to Google gurudom.

O autorze/autorach:

Sarah Milstein

(author and editor) is O'Reilly Media's Managing Editor for Consumer Books. Previously, she was the Missing Manual series editor and a freelance business and technology reporter. She has been a regular contributor to The New York Times and a slew of other publications, most of them now defunct. When not planted at the keyboard, she likes to take epic walks, play poker, watch baseball, and rearrange the furniture.

View Sarah Milstein's full profile page.

J.D. Biersdorfer

(author, Chapter 11 and revisions throughout the book) is the author of iPod & iTunes: The Missing Manual and The iPod Shuffle Fan Book and sometimes even writes about things other than iPods. She does the weekly computer Q&A column for The New York Times and is equally obsessed with the BBC World News and the banjo in her spare time.

View J.D. Biersdorfer's full profile page.

Rael Dornfest

(author, Chapters 8 and 9, previous edition) is O'Reilly Media's Chief Technology Officer. He has co-authored various O'Reilly books, including Mac OS X Hacks, Google Hacks, Essential Blogging, and Peer to Peer: Harnessing the Power of Disruptive Technologies, and he's program chair for the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference. Email: googlemm@raelity.org.

View Rael Dornfest's full profile page.

Matthew MacDonald

(author, Chapter 10 and revisions in Chapter 9) is an author, educator, and programmer extraordinaire. He's the author of Excel: The Missing Manual, Creating Web Sites: The Missing Manual, and over a dozen books about .NET programming.

View Matthew MacDonald's full profile page.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Searching with Google

    1. Chapter 1 Google 101
      1. The Heart of Google: Basic Text Searches
      2. How to Get More out of Google
      3. Two Important Google Quirks
      4. Interpreting Your Results
      5. When Not to Use Google
      6. Nine Very Cool Google Tricks
      7. A Final Tip: Googling Google
    2. Chapter 2 Superior Searching
      1. Have It Your Way: Setting Preferences
      2. Advanced Search
      3. Advanced Search on Steroids
      4. Searching by Language and Country
      5. Searching by Town
      6. Getting Fancy with Syntax
      7. Mixing Syntax
      8. Anatomy of a Google URL
  2. Google Tools

    1. Chapter 3 Googling Further: Images, News, Maps, and More
      1. Google Images
      2. Google News
      3. Google Maps
      4. Google Directory
      5. Google Print
    2. Chapter 4 Googling with Others: Groups and Answers
      1. Google Groups
      2. Google Answers
    3. Chapter 5 Shopping with Google
      1. When to Use Froogle
      2. Finding Stuff with Froogle
    4. Chapter 6 The Google Toolbar
      1. The Google Toolbar: Search Faster
      2. Other Browsers with Google Features
    5. Chapter 7 More Cool Google Tools
      1. Alternative Search Boxes
      2. Bookmarklets
      3. Google Desktop Search
      4. Google Deskbar
      5. Experimental Google Tools
      6. Google Wireless
      7. Google SMS
  3. Google for Webmasters

    1. Chapter 8 Becoming a Search Result
      1. Getting Your Site Ready for Google
      2. Getting Google's Attention
      3. Does Google Know You're There?
      4. Rising in Google Results
      5. Getting Rid of Google
      6. Adding Google Searches to Your Site
    2. Chapter 9 Making Money with Google
      1. Google AdSense
      2. Google AdWords
    3. Chapter 10 Google Analytics
      1. How Google Analytics Works
      2. Setting Up Google Analytics
      3. A Snapshot of Your Web Traffic
      4. Assessing Your Site
      5. Goal Tracking
      6. Understanding Your Visitors
  4. Gmail

    1. Chapter 11 Gmail
      1. Welcome to Gmail
      2. Composing and Sending Messages
      3. Gmail Mailbox Management
      4. The Contacts List
      5. Adjusting Your Account Settings
      6. Other Cool Gmail Tricks
      7. Three Other Ways of Reading Gmail
  5. Appendix

    1. Appendix A The Google Wide Web
      1. Sites That Use Google
      2. Sites That Discuss Google
      3. Google on Google
  1. Colophon

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