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Learning ASP.NET 2.0 with AJAX Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 184.80

Cena netto: 176.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Brian MacDonald
Liczba_stron 528
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media
Data_Wydania 2007-09-27
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media
  • Data wydania: 27 września 2007
  • Liczba stron: 528
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Jesse Liberty
    • Dan Hurwitz
    • Brian MacDonald


With this book, web developers can build engaging and interactive sites and applications using Microsoft's latest web development tools - ASP.NET 2.0 and the new ASP.NET AJAX framework. You learn to create applications that have all the great tricks you see on popular commercial web sites, such as order forms and the ability to interact with a database. And you can build pages that display information interactively without a page refresh. This straightforward tutorial explains how.

Learning ASP.NET 2.0 with AJAX helps you master the concepts and techniques of Microsoft's tools with plenty of annotated examples, review quizzes, web construction exercises and chapter summaries, so you can practice new skills and test your understanding as you go. With it, you'll learn to:

  • Master the fundamental skills of ASP.NET 2.0 to build professional quality web applications

  • Integrate new Ajax tools and CSS with ASP.NET 2.0 for flashier and more interactive sites

  • Build applications with minimal coding using Visual Studio or its free counterpart, Visual Web Developer

  • Connect your site with a database so that users can retrieve, interact and save data

  • Debug your application, deal with unexpected problems, and protect your site from malicious users

  • Use the community-maintained ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit to extend the controls that come with ASP.NET AJAX

  • Use personalization tools to give your site a customized look for each user

Ideal for beginning web developers, or those who are new to ASP.NET, this book gets you involved with your own learning through hands-on lessons that are clear and to the point. You get the chance to try out new techniques on the spot. Want to join the world of modern web development? This book will get you started.

O autorze/autorach:

Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty, Microsoft .NET MVP, is the best-selling author of O'Reilly Media's "Programming ASP.NET", "Programming C#", "Programming Visual Basic 2005" and over a dozen other books on web and object-oriented programming. He is president of Liberty Associates, Inc. where he provides contract programming, consulting and on-site training in .NET.Jesse is a frequent contributor to O'Reilly Network web sites as well as many industry publications and has spoken at numerous industry events. He is a former Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T and Vice President for technology development at CitiBank.

View Jesse Liberty's full profile page.

Dan Hurwitz

Dan Hurwitz is the president of Sterling Solutions, Inc., where for nearly two decades he has been providing contract programming and database development to a wide variety of clients.

View Dan Hurwitz's full profile page.

Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald has edited programming and networking books for major publishers on topics ranging from securing Windows servers to PHP web programming to running an eBay business. He also coauthored O'Reilly's Learning C# 2005 and Learning ASP.NET 2.0 with AJAX.

View Brian MacDonald's full profile page.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Chapter 1 Getting Started

    1. Hello World
    2. Creating a New Web Site
    3. Creating HelloWorld
    4. Making the HelloWorld Web Site Interactive
    5. What You Just Did
    6. Summary
  2. Chapter 2 Building Web Applications

    1. Mastering Web Site Fundamentals
    2. Controls
    3. Source Code
    4. Summary
  3. Chapter 3 Snappier Web Sites with AJAX

    1. Take a Walk on the Client Side
    2. ScriptManager
    3. Extending Controls with the Control Toolkit
    4. Source Code Listing
    5. Summary
  4. Chapter 4 Saving and Retrieving Data

    1. Getting Data from a Database
    2. Displaying and Updating the Data
    3. Source Code Listings
    4. Summary
  5. Chapter 5 Validation

    1. Validation Controls
    2. The RequiredFieldValidator
    3. The Summary Control
    4. The Compare Validator
    5. Range Checking
    6. Regular Expressions
    7. Custom Validation
    8. Summary
  6. Chapter 6 Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation

    1. Styles and Style Sheets
    2. Master Pages
    3. Navigation
    4. Summary
  7. Chapter 7 State and Life Cycle

    1. Page Life Cycle
    2. State
    3. Summary
  8. Chapter 8 Errors, Exceptions, and Bugs, Oh My!

    1. Creating the Sample Application
    2. Tracing
    3. Debugging
    4. Error Handling
    5. Summary
  9. Chapter 9 Security and Personalization

    1. Forms-Based Security
    2. Personalization
    3. Themes and Skins
    4. Summary
  10. Chapter 10 Putting It All Together

    1. Getting Started
    2. Adding Styles
    3. Using Master Pages
    4. Setting Up Roles and Users
    5. Logging In
    6. Navigation
    7. Products Page
    8. Adding AJAX
    9. Cart Page
    10. Purchase Page
    11. Confirm Page
    12. Custom Error Pages
    13. Summary
    14. Source Code Listings
  1. AppendixInstalling the Applications

    1. What Hardware and Software You'll Need
    2. Visual Web Developer (VWD)
    3. Visual Studio 2005
  2. AppendixCopying a Web Site

    1. Virtual Directories
    2. Copying the Web Site Without Using the IDE
    3. Copying the Web Site with the IDE
  3. AppendixAnswers to Quizzes and Exercises

    1. : Getting Started
    2. : Building Web Applications
    3. : Snappier Web Sites with AJAX
    4. : Saving and Retrieving Data
    5. : Validation
    6. : Style Sheets, Master Pages, and Navigation
    7. : State and Life Cycle
    8. : Errors, Exceptions, and Bugs, Oh My!
    9. : Security and Personalization
  4. Colophon

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