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Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Plain & Simple Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 105.00

Cena netto: 100.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Nancy Muir
Liczba_stron 304
Wydawnictwo Microsoft Press
Oprawa miękka
Data_Wydania 2013-03-31


PowerPoint 2013

Plain & Simple

For an early look or head start with new technologies, get your Microsoft Press ebook-while it's still in development. With prePress, you can access just-written content from upcoming books. The chapters come straight from our respected authors, before they're fully polished and debugged-for critical insights now, when you need them. Order the prePress version of your ebook to get available chapters immediately-plus the final, complete ebook when it's released.

Get the guide that makes learning Microsoft® PowerPoint 2013 plain and simple! This full color, no-nonsense book shows you the quickest ways to solve a problem or learn a skill, using easy-to-follow steps and concise, straightforward language. You'll analyze, manage, and share information in more ways than ever before.

Here’s WHAT you’ll learn:

  • Create dynamic presentations for your audience
  • Include charts, tables, clip art, and other graphics
  • Add video clips and CD music
  • Animate slide and add transition effects
  • Edit and polish your presentations with ease
  • Create speaker notes and record narration

Here’s HOW you’ll learn it:

  • Jump in whenever you need answers
  • Easy-to-follow STEPS and SCREENSHOTS show exactly what to do
  • Handy TIPS teach new techniques and shortcuts
  • Quick TRY THIS! exercises help apply what you learn right away
  1. Chapter 1 About this book

    1. No computerese!

    2. A quick overview

    3. A few assumptions

    4. What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?

    5. Using a touch-enabled system

    6. The final word

  2. Chapter 2 What’s new in PowerPoint 2013?

    1. Launching PowerPoint 2013

    2. What’s where in PowerPoint 2013?

    3. Understanding touch gestures

    4. Using the ribbon

    5. Using new Normal view features

    6. Using other new view features

    7. Commenting and using widescreen

    8. Incorporating online pictures

    9. Including online video and audio

    10. Taking advantage of theme variants, Smart Guides, and merge shapes

    11. Working in the cloud

    12. Presenting slide shows

  3. Chapter 3 Getting started with PowerPoint 2013

    1. What’s where in PowerPoint 2013?

    2. Using the ribbon

    3. Working with the mini toolbar

    4. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

    5. Applying design choices

    6. Updating a presentation with a theme and a variant

    7. Getting Help

  4. Chapter 4 Creating presentations

    1. Creating a presentation

    2. Finding and opening existing presentations

    3. Moving among views

    4. Using Reading view

    5. Sizing panes in Normal view

    6. Viewing multiple slides in Slide Sorter view

    7. Running a presentation in Slide Show view

    8. Saving a PowerPoint presentation

    9. Closing a PowerPoint presentation

  5. Chapter 5 Working with slide masters

    1. Understanding how slide masters work

    2. Displaying and navigating the slide master

    3. Making changes to a slide master

    4. Changing the background and master graphics

    5. Renaming and deleting slide layouts

    6. Inserting and removing slide masters

    7. Working with the handout master

    8. Working with the notes master

  6. Chapter 6 Building a presentation

    1. Understanding how to build a presentation

    2. Adding a slide

    3. Building slide content

    4. Adding special content

    5. Working with text

    6. Making text corrections

    7. Selecting Placeholders

    8. Changing placeholder formatting

  7. Chapter 7 Building a presentation outline

    1. Understanding the relationship of the outline to slides

    2. Working with the outline

    3. Adding text in the Outline pane

    4. Viewing and rearranging outline contents

    5. Working with outline contents

  8. Chapter 8 Managing and viewing slides

    1. Navigating slides in Normal view

    2. Deleting slides in Slide Sorter view

    3. Managing slides in Slide Sorter view

    4. Hiding and unhiding slides

    5. Working with sections

  9. Chapter 9 Adjusting slide appearance

    1. Understanding what slide layouts and themes control

    2. Applying a layout

    3. Working with themes

    4. Changing theme colors and fonts

    5. Changing slide backgrounds and sizes

  10. Chapter 10 Inserting media and drawing objects

    1. Working with tables

    2. Formatting tables

    3. Modifying tables

    4. Creating a chart

    5. Modifying a chart

    6. Including online pictures in your presentation

    7. Inserting a picture from your SkyDrive

    8. Creating visual text effects by using WordArt

    9. Working with SmartArt

    10. Working with local pictures

    11. Inserting local media objects

    12. Including online video

    13. Creating a photo album

    14. Drawing shapes and text boxes

  11. Chapter 11 Formatting text and objects

    1. Applying text basics

    2. Formatting text

    3. Formatting an object fill

    4. Working with shape outlines and effects

    5. Resizing and deleting objects

    6. Rotating and flipping objects

    7. Grouping and ungrouping objects

    8. Changing the order of and merging objects

    9. Working with picture tools

    10. Using video tools

  12. Chapter 12 Adding transitions and animations

    1. Applying a transition

    2. Adding sound to a transition

    3. Modifying transition speed

    4. Choosing how to advance a slide

    5. Applying a custom animation to an object

    6. Reordering animations

    7. Using Animation Painter

    8. Previewing an animation

  13. Chapter 13 Finalizing your slide show

    1. Checking your presentation’s spelling

    2. Selecting the right word by using the Thesaurus

    3. Working with comments

    4. Choosing the slide show type and options

    5. Choosing slides and an advance method

    6. Rehearsing your presentation

    7. Saving your rehearsal timings

    8. Taking a presentation with you

    9. Sending a presentation by email for review

  14. Chapter 14 Running a presentation

    1. Starting your slide show

    2. Using Slide Show view controls

    3. Navigating in a slide show

    4. Working with the Pen tool and annotations

    5. Erasing and saving annotations

    6. Using presenter view

    7. Switching programs and ending a show

  15. Chapter 15 Printing a presentation

    1. Displaying information in headers and footers

    2. Using Print Preview

    3. Establishing printer and paper settings

    4. Choosing slides and a print format

    5. Setting the number of copies and printing

  16. Chapter 16 Sharing a presentation

    1. Saving a presentation to the cloud

    2. Presenting online

    3. Saving in other formats for sharing

  17. Chapter 17 Introducing advanced PowerPoint topics

    1. Saving your own PowerPoint templates

    2. Creating custom shows

    3. Removing hidden data by using the Document Inspector

    4. Purchasing and using a digital signature

    5. Customizing the ribbon

  1. Appendix About the Author

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