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Microsoft Word 2010 Inside Out Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 205.80

Cena netto: 196.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Katherine Murray
Liczba_stron 912
Wydawnictwo Microsoft Press
Data_Wydania 2010-10-08
Poziom Średnio zaawansowani

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: Microsoft Press
  • Data wydania: 8 października 2010
  • Liczba stron: 912
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Katherine Murray


You're beyond the basics with Word, so dive right in and really put your documents to work! This supremely organized reference packs hundreds of timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds. It's all muscle and no fluff. Discover how the experts tackle Word 2010 - and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery.

  • Master the tools to expertly organize, edit, and present your content
  • Craft professional-looking documents with Themes, Quick Style Sets, and Building Blocks
  • Add visual impact with SmartArt® diagrams, charts, pictures, and drawings
  • Organize and clarify content with effective tables and charts
  • Use cross-references, tables of contents, and indexes in your complex documents
  • Produce Web sites and publish blogs directly from Word
  • Coauthor and collaborate on documents in real time - and help keep them secure
  • Customize documents with macros, content controls, and other automation features

Your book - online!

  • Get your fully searchable online edition - with unlimited access on the Web.

O autorze/autorach:

Katherine Murray

Katherine Murray is the author or coauthor of 40+ computer books, including Microsoft Word 2003 Inside Out and First Look 2007 Microsoft Office System. She is also a columnist on the Microsoft Office Community site on Microsoft.com.

View Katherine Murray's full profile page.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Word 2010: Make an Immediate Impact

    1. Chapter 1 Spotlight on Microsoft Word 2010
      1. Imagining Word 2010
      2. What’s New in Word 2010?
      3. Finding Your Way Around the Word 2010 Window
      4. Understanding and Tailoring the Status Bar
      5. What’s Next?
    2. Chapter 2 Managing Your Documents with Backstage View
      1. Introducing Backstage View
      2. Working with Document Properties in the Info Tab
      3. Accessing Recent Files
      4. Starting a New File
      5. Previewing and Printing Documents
      6. Saving and Sending Your Documents
      7. Getting Help in Word 2010
      8. Setting Word Options
      9. What’s Next?
    3. Chapter 3 Right Now Document Design with Word 2010
      1. Starting Out with Word 2010 Designs
      2. Performing Basic Editing Tasks
      3. Creating Theme-Enabled Documents
      4. Saving Documents
      5. Designing Instant Documents
      6. What’s Next?
    4. Chapter 4 Templates and Themes for a Professional Look
      1. Where Does Your Document Get Its Design?
      2. Templates 101: Behind the Scenes
      3. Creating Custom Templates
      4. Modifying Existing Templates
      5. Using the Organizer to Rename, Delete, and Copy Styles
      6. Applying Themes in Word 2010
      7. Changing a Theme
      8. Creating a Custom Theme
      9. What’s Next?
    5. Chapter 5 Customizing Page Setup and Controlling Pagination
      1. Basic Page Setup Options
      2. Planning Your Document
      3. Simple Margins and Orientations
      4. Selecting Paper Size and Source
      5. Working in Sections
      6. Adding Page Numbers
      7. Adding Headers and Footers
      8. Saving Page Setup Defaults to the Current Template
      9. Adding and Controlling Line Numbers
      10. What’s Next?
    6. Chapter 6 Setting Up Your Layout with Page Backgrounds and Columns
      1. The Nature of Complex Documents
      2. Layout and Design Fundamentals
      3. Designing Backgrounds and Watermarks
      4. Adding Columns
      5. What’s Next?
  2. Creating Global Content: From Research to Review

    1. Chapter 7 Creating and Reusing Content
      1. Creating Content Today
      2. Entering Text
      3. Creating a Cover Page
      4. Formatting Text As You Go
      5. Positioning Your Text
      6. Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
      7. Inserting Date and Time Elements
      8. Creating and Using Building Blocks
      9. Creating Catalogs of Content
      10. What’s Next?
    2. Chapter 8 Navigating Your Document
      1. A Quick Look at Navigation in Word 2010
      2. Finding Content with the Navigation Pane
      3. Navigating with Browse Object
      4. Finding Text and Elements Within the Current Document
      5. Moving Through the Document with Go To
      6. Creating Bookmarks for Document Navigation
      7. Changing the View
      8. Navigating Using Shortcut and Function Keys
      9. What’s Next?
    3. Chapter 9 Translating Text and Working with Languages
      1. Translating Content in Word 2010
      2. Setting Up Languages
      3. Using the Mini Translator
      4. Translating Selected Text
      5. Translating Entire Documents
      6. Changing and Adding Translation Services
      7. Using Bidirectional Text
      8. Working with the Document Grid
      9. Working with Other Translation Tools
      10. What’s Next?
    4. Chapter 10 Editing, Proofing, and Using Reference Tools
      1. Editing Tools in Word 2010
      2. Spell It Right!
      3. Proofing Your Document
      4. Judging Your Document’s Readability Level
      5. AutoCorrecting Your Document
      6. Adding References in Word 2010
      7. Adding and Managing Sources
      8. Inserting a Citation
      9. Generating a Bibliography
      10. Adding Footnotes and Endnotes
      11. Inserting Cross-References
      12. What’s Next?
    5. Chapter 11 Formatting Your Document
      1. Paragraph Basics in Word 2010
      2. Managing AutoFormat Effectively
      3. Formatting Paragraphs by Aligning and Indenting Text
      4. Addressing Spacing Issues
      5. Controlling Alignment by Using Tabs
      6. Controlling Line and Page Breaks
      7. Taking Control of Hyphenation
      8. Creating Drop Caps in Existing Paragraphs
      9. Creating Effective Lists
      10. Creating a Quick List
      11. Enhancing Bulleted Lists
      12. Improving Numbered Lists
      13. Changing List Indents
      14. Creating and Using Multilevel Lists
      15. What’s Next?
    6. Chapter 12 Applying and Customizing Quick Styles
      1. Style Design with Users in Mind
      2. Exploring the Quick Style Gallery and Quick Style Sets
      3. Working with the Styles Pane
      4. Creating and Modifying Styles
      5. Style Management Tools
      6. What’s Next?
    7. Chapter 13 Working with Outlines
      1. Getting Started Outlining in Word 2010
      2. The Basics of a Good Outline
      3. Eleven Reasons to Outline Your Next Complex Project
      4. Viewing a Document in Outline View
      5. Creating a New Outline
      6. Choosing Outline Display
      7. Working with Headings in Outline View
      8. Displaying Outline and Print Layout View at the Same Time
      9. Changing Your Outline
      10. Printing Your Outline
      11. The Navigation Pane vs. Using Outline View
      12. What’s Next?
    8. Chapter 14 Printing Documents Professionally
      1. Printing in a Greener World
      2. The (Almost) One-Click Print Process in Word 2010
      3. Printing Quickly and Efficiently
      4. Canceling a Print Job
      5. Setting Print Options
      6. Specialized Printing
      7. What’s Next?
  3. Make Your Point, Clearly and Visually

    1. Chapter 15 Clarifying Your Concepts in Professional Tables
      1. Creating Tables Today
      2. Choose Your Method: Creating Tables in Word
      3. Creating Nested Tables
      4. Editing Tables
      5. Enhancing Your Tables with Formatting
      6. Positioning Tables in Your Document
      7. Resizing Tables
      8. Working with Functions in Tables
      9. What’s Next?
    2. Chapter 16 Create Compelling SmartArt Diagrams and Charts
      1. Adding SmartArt Diagrams
      2. Creative Charting
      3. Introducing Word 2010 Chart Types
      4. Creating a Basic Chart
      5. Entering Chart Data
      6. Editing and Enhancing Chart Information
      7. Formatting Charts
      8. What’s Next?
    3. Chapter 17 Adding and Editing Pictures and Screenshots
      1. Adding Art to Your Word Documents
      2. Editing Pictures
      3. Removing Picture Backgrounds
      4. Enhancing Pictures
      5. Modifying Shapes and Lines
      6. Adding Screenshots and Clippings
      7. Arranging Art on the Page
      8. What’s Next?
    4. Chapter 18 Adding the Extras: Equations, Text Boxes, and Objects
      1. Inserting Mathematical Equations
      2. Using Math AutoCorrect
      3. Adding and Linking Text Boxes
      4. Linking Text Boxes to Flow Text
      5. Adding Objects to Your Word Document
      6. What’s Next?
    5. Chapter 19 Command Attention with Borders and Shading
      1. Adding a Simple Border
      2. Creating Enhanced Borders
      3. Creating Partial Borders
      4. Adding a Border to a Page
      5. Adding Borders to Sections and Paragraphs
      6. Adjusting Border Spacing
      7. Inserting Horizontal Lines
      8. Adding Borders to Pictures
      9. Adding Table Borders
      10. Applying Shading Behind Content
      11. What’s Next?
  4. Word 2010 As a Team Effort, Anywhere, Always

    1. Chapter 20 Securing Your Word Documents
      1. Protection Features in Word 2010
      2. Working with Protected View
      3. Marking a File As Final
      4. Encrypting Documents
      5. Applying Editing Restrictions
      6. Removing Personal Information and Hidden Data
      7. Preparing PDF and XPS Files
      8. Signing Your Documents with Digital Signatures and Stamps
      9. Working with the Trust Center
      10. Setting Permission Levels
      11. Checking Document Accessibility
      12. Ensuring Document Compatibility
      13. What’s Next?
    2. Chapter 21 Sharing Your Documents
      1. Sharing Documents in Word
      2. Word 2010 New Sharing Options
      3. A Closer Look at SharePoint Workspace 2010
      4. Setting Up and Using Windows Live SkyDrive
      5. Working with Network Locations
      6. Using Workgroup Templates
      7. Sharing Word Documents via E-Mail
      8. Using Word to Send Faxes
      9. What’s Next?
    3. Chapter 22 Collaborating and Co-Authoring in Real Time
      1. Benefits of an Organized Revision Process
      2. Familiarizing Yourself with Markup Tools
      3. Setting Reviewer Name
      4. Viewing Comments and Revisions
      5. Adding and Managing Comments Effectively
      6. Tracking Changes
      7. Configuring Balloon and Reviewing Pane Options
      8. Printing Comments and Tracked Changes
      9. Reviewing Comments and Tracked Changes
      10. Comparing or Combining Documents
      11. Co-Authoring Documents in Word 2010
      12. What’s Next?
  5. Word 2010 Interactive

    1. Chapter 23 Preparing Tables of Contents and Indexes
      1. Creating Effective Reference Tables
      2. Creating a Table of Contents
      3. Preparing a TOC for the Web
      4. Customizing a TOC
      5. Adding Indexes
      6. Creating Index Entries
      7. Generating the Index
      8. Updating an Index
      9. AutoMarking Entries with a Concordance File
      10. What’s Next?
    2. Chapter 24 Special Features for Long Documents
      1. What Goes into a Long Document?
      2. Building a Table of Figures
      3. Adding a Table of Authorities
      4. When Master Documents Make Sense
      5. What’s Next?
    3. Chapter 25 Blogging and Using the Word Web App
      1. Everybody Blogs
      2. Starting a New Blog Post
      3. Configuring Your Blog Account
      4. Using the Word Web App
      5. What’s Next?
    4. Chapter 26 Creating Mailings Large and Small
      1. Mail Merge Overview
      2. Know Your Merge Terms
      3. Starting the Mail Merge Project
      4. Selecting the Document Type
      5. Starting Out with the Main Document
      6. Choosing Your Recipients
      7. Choosing and Sorting Recipient Information
      8. Adding Merge Fields
      9. Previewing the Merge
      10. Merging the Documents
      11. Creating a Directory
      12. Printing Envelopes and Labels
      13. What’s Next?
    5. Chapter 27 Customizing Documents with Content Controls
      1. Understanding the Word 2010 Content Controls
      2. Creating the Document
      3. Adding and Formatting Static Text
      4. Adding Content Controls
      5. Changing Content Control Properties
      6. Using Content Controls
      7. Protecting Documents
      8. Adding Legacy Controls
      9. Adding ActiveX Controls
      10. What’s Next?
    6. Chapter 28 Working with Macros in Word 2010
      1. A Bit About VBA and Macros
      2. Saving Macro-Enabled Documents and Templates
      3. Recording a Macro
      4. Running Macros
      5. Editing Macros
      6. Additional Macro Options
      7. Protecting Your Macros
      8. Digitally Signing Macros
      9. What’s Next?
  1. AppendixAbout the Author

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