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SQL Pocket Guide, Third Edition Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 63.21

Cena netto: 60.20

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Jonathan Gennick
Liczba_stron 208
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media
Data_Wydania 2010-11-10
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media
  • Data wydania: 10 listopada 2010
  • Liczba stron: 208
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Jonathan Gennick


If you're a programmer or database administrator who uses SQL in your day-to-day work, this popular pocket guide is the ideal on-the-job reference. You'll find many examples that address the language's complexity, along with key aspects of SQL used in IBM DB2 Release 9.7, MySQL 5.1, Oracle Database 11g Release 2, PostgreSQL 9.0, and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Release 2.

SQL Pocket Guide describes how these database systems implement SQL syntax for querying, managing transactions, and making changes to data. It also shows how the systems use SQL functions, regular expression syntax, and type conversion functions and formats.

All example SQL statements in this book execute against a set of tables, with data that you can quickly download. The third edition covers important database changes, including:

  • Oracle's support of the recursive WITH syntax, and addition of PIVOT and UNPIVOT operators
  • Functions new to Oracle, such as LISTAGG, NTH_VALUE, and more
  • PostgreSQL’s support of recursive WITH and some window functions
  • DB2 syntax and datatypes, some compatible with Oracle
  • MySQL features such as the TIMESTAMP type and the TO_SECONDS function

O autorze/autorach:

Jonathan Gennick

Jonathan Gennick is an SQL aficionado who writes extensively on the SQL language and other database topics. He is the author of several books, and also a number of articles in Oracle Magazine. He is currently a book editor focusing on database titles, primarily involving Oracle and SQL Server.

View Jonathan Gennick's full profile page.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Chapter 1 SQL Pocket Guide

    1. Introduction
    2. Analytic Functions
    3. CASE Expressions: Simple
    4. CASE Expressions: Searched
    5. CAST Function
    6. CONNECT BY Queries
    7. Data Type Conversion
    8. Data Types: Binary Integer
    9. Data Types: Character String
    10. Data Types: Datetime
    11. Data Types: Decimal
    12. Datetime Conversions: DB2
    13. Datetime Conversions: MySQL
    14. Datetime Conversions: Oracle
    15. Datetime Conversions: PostgreSQL
    16. Datetime Conversions: SQL Server
    17. Datetime Functions: DB2
    18. Datetime Functions: MySQL
    19. Datetime Functions: Oracle
    20. Datetime Functions: PostgreSQL
    21. Datetime Functions: SQL Server
    22. Deleting Data
    23. EXTRACT Function
    24. GREATEST
    25. Grouping and Summarizing
    26. Hierarchical Queries
    27. Indexes, Creating
    28. Indexes, Removing
    29. Inserting Data
    30. Joining Tables
    31. LEAST
    32. Literals
    33. Merging Data
    34. Nulls
    35. Numeric Conversions: DB2
    36. Numeric Conversions: MySQL
    37. Numeric Conversions: Oracle
    38. Numeric Conversions: PostgreSQL
    39. Numeric Conversions: SQL Server
    40. Numeric/Math Functions
    41. OLAP Functions
    42. Pivoting and Unpivoting
    43. Predicates
    44. Recursive Queries
    45. Regular Expressions
    46. Selecting Data
    47. String Functions
    48. Subqueries
    49. Tables, Creating
    50. Tables, Dropping
    51. Tables, Modifying
    52. Transaction Management
    53. Union Queries
    54. Updating Data
    55. Window Functions
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