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Windows 7 Annoyances Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 163.80

Cena netto: 156.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor David A. Karp
Liczba_stron 720
Wydawnictwo OReilly Media
Data_Wydania 2010-04-27
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: O'Reilly Media
  • Data wydania: 27 kwietnia 2010
  • Liczba stron: 720
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • David A. Karp


Windows 7 may be faster and more stable than Vista, but it's a far cry from problem-free. David A. Karp comes to the rescue with the latest in his popular Windows Annoyances series. This thorough guide gives you the tools you need to fix the troublesome parts of this operating system, plus the solutions, hacks, and timesaving tips to make the most of your PC.

  • Streamline Windows Explorer, improve the Search tool, eliminate the Green Ribbon of Death, and tame User Account Control prompts
  • Explore powerful Registry tips and tools, and use them to customize every aspect of Windows and solve its shortcomings
  • Squeeze more performance from your hardware with solutions for your hard disk, laptop battery, CPU, printers, and more
  • Stop crashes, deal with stubborn hardware and drivers, fix video playback issues, and troubleshoot Windows when it won't start
  • Protect your stuff with permissions, encryption, and shadow copies
  • Secure and speed up your wireless network, fix networking woes, make Bluetooth functional, and improve your Web experience
  • Get nearly all of the goodies in 7 Ultimate, no matter which edition you have

"Blunt, honest, and awesome."

-Aaron Junod, Manager, Integration Systems at Evolution Benefits

"This could be the best [money] you've ever spent."

-Jon Jacobi, PC World

"To use Windows is to be annoyed - and this book is the best way to solve any annoyance you come across. It's the most comprehensive and entertaining guide you can get for turning Windows into an operating system that's a pleasure to use."

-Preston Gralla, author of Windows Vista in a Nutshell, and Computerworld contributing editor

O autorze/autorach:

David A. Karp

David A. Karp is the author of twelve power-user books, including the bestselling Windows Annoyances series of books and O'Reilly's eBay Hacks. David's books are available in ten languages, and can be found under the short legs of tables around the world.

David is the founder of Annoyances.org, one of the most respected and popular computer help sites on the Interwebs. He writes for PC Magazine, but they're curiously reluctant to publish photos of his bicycle. Notable recognition has come from PC Computing, Windows Magazine, the San Francisco Examiner, and the New York Times.

He scored 30.96647% on the Geek Test (http://www.innergeek.us/), earning a rating of "Total Geek." He hopes future revisions of the test reward publishing his score in the backs of computer books. David spends nearly every spare moment with his son.

View David A. Karp's full profile page.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Chapter 1 Get Started with Windows 7

    1. Editions of Windows 7
    2. Install Windows 7
    3. Migration to Windows 7
  2. Chapter 2 Shell Tweaks

    1. Customize Windows Explorer
    2. Secrets of Window Management
    3. Working with Files and Folders
  3. Chapter 3 The Registry

    1. The Registry Editor
    2. The Structure of the Registry
    3. Registry Tasks and Tools
    4. File Type Associations
  4. Chapter 4 Video, Audio, and Media

    1. Get Videos to Play
    2. The Trouble with Webcams
    3. Sound and Music
    4. Photos, Pictures, and Images
    5. Media Center Hacks
    6. Optical Storage Annoyances
  5. Chapter 5 Performance

    1. Trim the Fat
    2. Make Your Hardware Perform
    3. Hard Disk
  6. Chapter 6 Troubleshooting

    1. Crashes and Error Messages
    2. Dealing with Drivers and Other Tales of Hardware Troubleshooting
    3. Preventative Maintenance and Data Recovery
  7. Chapter 7 Networking and Internet

    1. Build Your Network
    2. Internet Me
    3. Secure Your Networked PC
    4. Web and Email
  8. Chapter 8 Users and Security

    1. Manage User Accounts
    2. Permissions and Security
    3. Logon and Profile Options
    4. Share Files and Printers
  9. Chapter 9 Command Prompt and Automation

    1. Command Prompt
    2. Windows PowerShell
    3. Run Scripts Automatically
  1. Appendix: BIOS Settings

  2. Appendix: TCP/IP Ports

  3. Colophon

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