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Windows 7 Inside Out, Deluxe Edition Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 252.00

Cena netto: 240.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Craig Stinson
Liczba_stron 1360
Wydawnictwo Microsoft Press
Data_Wydania 2011-06-30
Poziom Średnio zaawansowani

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: Microsoft Press
  • Data wydania: 30 czerwca 2011
  • Liczba stron: 1360
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Ed Bott
    • Carl Siechert
    • Craig Stinson


Dive deeper into Windows 7—with new content and new resources on CD! The Deluxe Edition of the ultimate, in-depth reference to Windows 7 has been fully updated for SP1 and Internet Explorer 9, and features 300+ pages of additional coverage and advanced topics. It’s now packed with even more timesaving solutions, troubleshooting tips, and workarounds from the experts—and includes a fully searchable eBook and other online resources. Topics include installation, configuration, and setup; network connections and troubleshooting; remote access; managing programs; controlling user access and accounts; advanced file management; working with Internet Explorer 9; managing security features and issues; using Windows Live Essentials 2011; performance monitoring and tuning; backups and maintenance; sharing networked resources; hardware and device drivers.

O autorze/autorach:

Ed Bott

Ed Bott is an award-winning journalist and one of the most recognized voices in the computing world. He’s been writing about Microsoft Office and Windows for more than 15 years and is the author of nearly two dozen books.

Carl Siechert

Carl Siechert specializes in creating documentation for PC technologies, with a focus on Windows and Office. He’s cowritten more than 20 books, including the popular Windows Vista Inside Out Deluxe Edition and Microsoft Office 2010 Inside Out.

Craig Stinson

Craig Stinson is a computer journalist and author who’s written or coauthored more than 20 books, including Windows Vista Inside Out Deluxe Edition, and Microsoft Excel 2010 Inside Out.

Zawartość (spis treści):

  1. Getting Started

    1. Chapter 1 What’s New in Windows 7
      1. Introducing the Windows 7 Family
      2. Adjusting to the Windows 7 Interface
      3. Organizing and Finding Files
      4. Saving, Sharing, and Playing Digital Media
      5. Networking in New Ways
      6. Keeping Your PC Speedy and Safe
      7. Using Internet Explorer 9
      8. Updating to Service Pack 1
    2. Chapter 2 Installing and Configuring Windows 7
      1. Before You Start
      2. Setting Up Windows 7
      3. Upgrading from Another Windows 7 Edition
      4. Installing and Updating Drivers
      5. Activating and Validating Windows 7
      6. Transferring Files and Settings from Another Computer
      7. Tweaking and Tuning Your Windows Installation
    3. Chapter 3 Obtaining Help and Support
      1. Using Windows Help And Support
      2. Connecting to Another PC with Windows Remote Assistance
      3. Help and Support Resources for IT Professionals
    4. Chapter 4 Personalizing Windows 7
      1. Working with the New Taskbar and Start Menu
      2. Personalizing the Taskbar and Start Menu
      3. Mastering Window Management with Windows 7 Tricks
      4. Personalizing Theme Elements: Visuals and Sounds
      5. Configuring Your Display
      6. Using and Customizing Desktop Gadgets
      7. Setting Power and Sleep Options
      8. Working with Fonts
      9. Adjusting Ease of Access Options
    5. Chapter 5 Adding, Removing, and Managing Programs
      1. Dealing with User Account Control
      2. Dealing with Compatibility Issues
      3. Running Legacy Applications in Windows XP Mode
      4. Installing Programs on 64-Bit Editions of Windows
      5. Managing Startup Programs
      6. Managing Running Programs and Processes with Windows Task Manager
      7. Running a Program as an Administrator or Another User
      8. Uninstalling Programs
      9. Setting Default Programs, File-Type Associations, and AutoPlay Options
    6. Chapter 6 Using Internet Explorer
      1. What’s New in Internet Explorer 9
      2. Installing and Uninstalling Internet Explorer 9
      3. Browsing with Internet Explorer
      4. Managing Favorite Sites and Recent History
      5. Managing and Troubleshooting Add-Ons
      6. Working with RSS Feeds and Web Slices
    7. Chapter 7 Internet Explorer Compatibility, Security, and Privacy
      1. Dealing with Compatibility Issues
      2. Monitoring and Maintaining Security
      3. Protecting Your Privacy
      4. Managing Downloads
    8. Chapter 8 Adding Windows Live Programs and Services
      1. Getting Started with Windows Live Programs and Services
      2. Managing Your Windows Live ID and Profile
      3. Synchronizing Files and Favorites with Windows Live Mesh
      4. Using Windows Live Mail
      5. Using Windows Live Photo Gallery
      6. Using Windows Live Messenger
  2. File Management

    1. Chapter 9 Organizing Files and Information
      1. Mastering Windows Explorer
      2. Working with Libraries
      3. Using Compressed (Zipped) Folders
      4. Arranging Data in Windows Explorer
      5. Managing File Properties and Metadata
    2. Chapter 10 Using Windows Search
      1. Configuring Search and Indexing Options
      2. Basic Search Techniques
      3. Advanced Search Tools and Techniques
      4. Saving Searches and Clearing Search History
    3. Chapter 11 Advanced File Management
      1. Recovering Lost, Damaged, and Deleted Files and Folders
      2. Staying in Sync with Offline Files
      3. Relocating Personal Data Folders
      4. Encrypting Information
      5. Industrial-Strength File Management with Robocopy and Robocopy GUI
      6. Opening Shell Folders with the Shell Command
      7. Using GUIDs to Open Control Panel Items and System Folders
    4. Chapter 12 Backup, Restore, and Recovery
      1. Using the Windows Backup Program
      2. Implementing a Backup Strategy in a Server-Based Environment
      3. Configuring System Protection Options
      4. Rolling Back to a Stable State with System Restore
  3. Digital Media

    1. Chapter 13 Playing and Organizing Digital Media Files
      1. Which File Formats and Codecs Does Windows 7 Support?
      2. Using Windows Media Player
      3. Ripping CDs
      4. Managing Your Media Library
      5. Working with (and Around) Digital Rights Management
    2. Chapter 14 Sharing and Syncing Digital Media
      1. Sharing Digital Media over a Network
      2. Synchronizing Digital Media with Portable Devices
      3. Burning Music and Other Media to CDs and DVDs
      4. Using DVDs to Share Pictures and Videos
    3. Chapter 15 Using Windows Media Center
      1. Setting Up and Customizing Media Center
      2. Mastering the Media Center Interface
      3. Playing Music, Pictures, Videos, and Movies
      4. Recording and Watching TV
      5. Using an Xbox 360 as a Media Center Extender
    4. Chapter 16 Digital Media for Enthusiasts
      1. Mastering the Zune Software
      2. Connecting a PC to a Home Entertainment System
      3. Managing Remote Controls and Wireless Input Devices
      4. Integrating an Xbox 360 into a Home Network
  4. Security and Networking

    1. Chapter 17 Security Essentials
      1. Understanding Security Threats
      2. What’s New in Windows 7
      3. Monitoring Your Computer’s Security
      4. Blocking Intruders with Windows Firewall
      5. Staying Secure with Windows Update
      6. Using Security Software to Block Malware
      7. Preventing Unsafe Actions with User Account Control
    2. Chapter 18 Managing User Accounts, Passwords, and Logons
      1. Introducing Access Control in Windows
      2. Working with User Accounts
      3. Setting a Logon Password
      4. Managing the Logon Process
      5. Controlling Your Children’s Computer Access
    3. Chapter 19 Setting Up a Small Office or Home Network
      1. Introducing Windows 7 Networking
      2. Configuring Your Network Hardware
      3. Setting Up a Wireless Network
      4. Using HomeGroup to Connect Your Computers at Home
      5. Connecting to Windows Home Server
    4. Chapter 20 Sharing and Managing Network Resources
      1. Sharing Files, Digital Media, and Printers in a Homegroup
      2. Sharing Resources with Older Windows Versions
      3. Finding and Using Shared Resources on a Windows Network
    5. Chapter 21 Advanced Windows Networking
      1. Working in a Domain-Based Network
      2. Connecting to Another Computer with Remote Desktop
      3. Connecting Remotely with Windows Live Mesh
      4. Connecting Remotely to a Windows Home Server Network
      5. Using a Virtual Private Network for Remote Access
      6. Bridging Two Networks
    6. Chapter 22 Fixing and Tweaking Your Network
      1. Viewing Status in Network And Sharing Center
      2. Diagnosing Problems Using Network Map
      3. Troubleshooting Network Problems
      4. Maximizing Network Performance
      5. Changing Network Settings
      6. Managing Network Connections
  5. Tuning, Tweaking, and Troubleshooting

    1. Chapter 23 Tuning Up and Monitoring Performance
      1. Establishing a Performance Baseline
      2. Monitoring Performance in Real Time
      3. Basic Strategies for Improving Performance
      4. Advanced Performance Analysis Tools and Techniques
    2. Chapter 24 Performing Routine Maintenance
      1. Introducing Action Center
      2. Keeping Your System Secure with Windows Update
      3. Checking Disks for Errors
      4. Defragmenting Disks for Better Performance
      5. Managing Disk Space
    3. Chapter 25 Using Advanced System Management Tools
      1. Viewing System Information
      2. Finding and Decoding Information in System Information
      3. Using Microsoft Management Console
      4. Managing Services
      5. Editing the Registry
      6. Using Group Policy
    4. Chapter 26 Deployment and Migration
      1. Expediting Multiple Windows Installations by Installing from a USB Flash Drive
      2. Deploying Windows and Microsoft Office on Several Computers
      3. Migrating User Data
      4. Working with Volume Licenses
    5. Chapter 27 Automating Windows 7
      1. Using Task Scheduler
      2. Automating Command Sequences with Batch Programs
      3. Automating Tasks with Windows Script Host
      4. An Introduction to Windows PowerShell
    6. Chapter 28 Troubleshooting Windows Errors and Crashes
      1. Reporting Problems and Finding Solutions
      2. Checking for Solutions to Problems
      3. Using Troubleshooters to Solve Problems
      4. Using Problem Steps Recorder to Get Help
      5. Reviewing Problem Reports with Reliability Monitor
      6. Troubleshooting Hangs and Other Problems with Resource Monitor
      7. Digging Deeper with Event Viewer
      8. Understanding Stop Errors
      9. Recovering from a Crash
  6. Windows 7 and PC Hardware

    1. Chapter 29 Setting Up and Configuring Hardware
      1. Installing a New Plug and Play Device
      2. Managing Devices with Devices And Printers
      3. Managing Devices with Device Stage
      4. Managing Devices with Device Manager
      5. Configuring Legacy Devices
      6. Changing Settings for an Installed Device
      7. Managing Installed Drivers
      8. Enabling and Disabling Individual Devices
      9. Decoding Hardware Errors
    2. Chapter 30 Managing Disks and Drives
      1. The Windows 7 Disk-Management Toolkit
      2. Running Disk Management
      3. Managing Disks from the Command Prompt
      4. Setting Up a New Hard Disk
      5. Managing Existing Disks and Volumes
      6. Working with Virtual Hard Disks
      7. Working with Solid State Drives
    3. Chapter 31 Using Pen, Touch, and Voice Input
      1. Enabling and Customizing Pen and Touch Features
      2. Reading, Writing, and Editing with Pen and Touch Tools
      3. Using Speech Recognition and Voice Commands
  7. Appendixes

    1. AppendixWindows 7 Editions at a Glance
      1. Features Available in All Windows 7 Editions
      2. Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic
      3. Windows 7 Home Premium
      4. Windows 7 Professional
      5. Windows 7 Ultimate/Enterprise
    2. AppendixWorking with the Command Prompt
      1. Starting and Ending a Command Prompt Session
      2. Using Commands
      3. Using Environment Variables
      4. Customizing Command Prompt Windows
    3. AppendixFixes Included in Windows 7 Service Pack 1
      1. Application Compatibility
      2. Computer Management, Administration, and Tools
      3. Desktop and Shell
      4. Development Tools, Including .NET Framework and Data Components
      5. Hardware and Drivers
      6. International/Localization
      7. Internet Explorer
      8. Multimedia
      9. Networking
      10. Networking: IIS and WebDAV Issues
      11. Networking: Remote Access, VPN
      12. Offline Files
      13. Performance and Reliability
      14. Printing and Scanning Technologies
      15. Security
      16. Setup, Deployment, Backup, and Activation
      17. Sleep/Hibernation and Power Management
      18. Startup/Shutdown
      19. Storage
      20. Time Zone/Daylight Saving Time
      21. Windows Media Center
      22. Windows Media Player and Related Technologies
      23. Windows Portable Devices
    4. AppendixWindows 7 Certifications
      1. Preparing for Certification Exams
    5. AppendixSome Useful Accessory Programs
      1. Our Favorite Five
      2. Other Handy Accessories
      3. System Management Tools
      4. Historical Curiosities
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