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Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 98.28

Cena netto: 93.60

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Andrew Goodman
Liczba_stron 400
Wydawnictwo McGraw-Hill
Data_Wydania 2008-12-08
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill
  • Data wydania: 8 grudnia 2008
  • Liczba stron: 400
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Andrew Goodman

Main description

Run a Profitable Google AdWords Campaign

Reach millions of targeted new customers at the precise moment they're looking for the products and services you're selling with help from this hands-on guide. Winning Results with Google AdWords, Second Edition reveals the latest strategies for writing successful ads, selecting and grouping specific keywords, increasing conversion rates, and maximizing online sales. You'll also learn how to expand your ad distribution, test and tweak your ads, track results, and much more. Find out how boost visibility and increase profits with a Google AdWords campaign!

  • Create strategic groups of ads and keywords
  • Understand Google's Quality Score ad ranking system and quality-based bidding
  • Use the keyword tool to your advantage
  • Develop a successful bidding strategy
  • Write, test, and refine winning ads
  • Filter out inappropriate prospects
  • Expand proven ad campaigns
  • Measure success using Google Analytics and other methods
  • Increase conversion rates

Table of contents

Part I: The Paid Search Opportunity
Chapter 1. How Big Is This Market? The Rapid Rise of Paid Search
Chapter 2. A #21 Billion Aferthought: How Google Entered the Advertising Market
Part II: How to Play the AdWords Game
Chapter 3. First Principles for Reaching Customers Through AdWords
Chapter 4. Setting Up Ad Groups
Chapter 5. How Google Ranks Ads: Quality-Based Bidding
Chapter 6. Big-Picture Planning and Making the Case to the Boss
Part III: Intermediate-Level Strategies
Chapter 7. Keyword Selection and Bidding: Tapping into Powerful AdWords Features
Chapter 8. Writing Winning Ads
Chapter 9. Expanding Your Ad Distribution: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Part IV: Winning the AdWords Game: Advanced Issues
Chapter 10. Measuring Success: A "What's Changed" Report
Chapter 11. Increasing Online Conversion Rates
Chapter 12. Online Targeting 1995-2015: Fast Start, Exciting Future

Author comments

Andrew Goodman is principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing agency which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns. He is the author of the first edition of this book.

Back cover copy

"Andrew Goodman is the world's leading authority on Google Adwords. ...This book had better be on your desk, not on your shelf, if you expect to win with Google." --Fredrick Marckini, Founder, iProspect; Chief Global Search Officer, Isobar

"When we started our business five years ago, this book was critical to our success. It continues that focus of distilling the marketplace and offering strategies to make your Internet marketing spending work. Why learn from mistakes, when you have this book?" --Sean Neville, CEO, Simply Audiobooks

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