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XML and InDesign Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 79.80

Cena netto: 76.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Dorothy J. Hoskins
Liczba_stron 148
Wydawnictwo O'Reilly Media
Oprawa miekka
Data_Wydania 2013-01-24


and InDesign

Discover the power of XML publishing with InDesign, and create content for multiple applications—including digital-first publishing workflows. With this book, XML evangelist Dorothy Hoskins teaches you several techniques for working with the built-in XML capabilities of InDesign CS6, using real examples from a college course-catalog project.

Learn how to import database content into InDesign, and tag existing InDesign content as XML for export to other applications. InDesign also lets you apply attractive styling to XML content that can’t be done with XSL-FO. Through step-by-step instructions, code examples, and lots of screen shots, you’ll discover how using XML with InDesign increases the value of your content.

  • Get an overview of structured (XML) content
  • Learn InDesign’s XML import options, including XML image information
  • Mingle XML and non-XML content in a text flow
  • Use InDesign as an XML "skin" by making templates with new style definitions
  • Put content in "XML order" for export to EPUB, with InDesign CS5.5 and CS6
  • Dive into advanced topics, such as how to transform XML with XSL
  • Understand InDesign’s potential and limitations with complex content models such as DocBook and DITA
  1. Chapter 1 A Brief Foray into Structured Content (a.k.a. XML)

  2. Chapter 2 InDesign XML Publishing: College Catalog Case Study

    1. Data-Like Content Example: The Course Description XML

    2. Topical Content: The Handbook XML

  3. Chapter 3 Importing XML

    1. Doing It Adobe’s Way: The Placeholder Approach

    2. Mingling Non-XML and XML Content in a Text Flow

    3. Doing It Your Way: Using the Options for Your Own Process

    4. Understanding InDesign’s XML Import Options

    5. Importing Images

  4. Chapter 4 Tagging XML in InDesign

    1. The Case for Tagging Content: Why You Need XML

    2. Tagging for Import

    3. Tagging for Iterative XML Development

  5. Chapter 5 Looking Forward: InDesign as an XML “Skin”

  6. Chapter 6 Exporting XML

    1. Marking Up (Tagging) Existing Content for XML Export

    2. The Special Case of InDesign Tables (Namespaced XML)

    3. Tagging Images as XML in InDesign

  7. Chapter 7 Exporting ePub Content (InDesign CS5.5 and CS6)

    1. Export in XML Order Compared with Page Layout and Article Pane Order

    2. Alternate Layouts and XML Are Not Compatible Features

  8. Chapter 8 Validating XML in InDesign

    1. Why Validate?

    2. How to Validate XML in InDesign

    3. Authoring with a DTD

    4. Fast and Light Credo: Develop Now, Validate Later

  9. Chapter 9 What InDesign Cannot Do (or Do Well) with XML

    1. The 1:1 Import Conundrum

    2. Bad Characters

    3. Inscrutable Errors, Messages, and Crashes

    4. InDesign Is Not an XML Authoring Tool

  10. Chapter 10 Advanced Topics: Transforming XML with XSL

    1. XSLT for Wrangling XML versus XML Scripting for Automating XML Publishing

    2. XSL: Extracting Elements from a Source XML File for a New Use

    3. XSL: Getting the Elements to Sort Themselves

    4. XSL: Getting Rid of Elements You Don’t Want

    5. Creating Wrappers for Repeating Chunks

    6. Making a Table from Element Structures

    7. Upcasting Versus Downcasting

    8. Upcasting from HTML to XML for InDesign Import

    9. Downcasting to HTML

    10. Generate a Link with XSLT (Not Automated)

    11. Adding Useful Attributes to XML

    12. A Word about Using Find/Change for XML Markup in InDesign

  11. Chapter 11 Content Model Depth Issues and Their Impact on Round-Tripping XML

    1. The Challenge of Mapping Deep DTDs to Shallow InDesign Structures

    2. The Challenge of Mapping Shallow Structures to Deep DTD Structures

    3. Use of Semantic ids and Style Names (Expert-Level Development)

  12. Chapter 12 Brief Notes

    1. A Brief Note about InCopy and XML

    2. A Brief Note about IDML and ICML

    3. Summary

  1. Appendix Resources

    1. InDesign Resources

    2. XML Resources

    3. XSLT Resources

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