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Excel 2007 VBA Macro Programming Język: 2


Cena Brutto: 163.80

Cena netto: 156.00

Wersja: Drukowana
Autor Richard Shepherd
Liczba_stron 416
Wydawnictwo McGraw-Hill
Data_Wydania 2009-09-03
Poziom All Levels

Informacje podstawowe:

  • Wydawnictwo: McGraw-Hill
  • Data wydania: 3 września 2009
  • Liczba stron: 416
  • Autor/autorzy:
    • Richard Shepherd

Main description

Develop custom Excel VBA macros

Perfect for power users, this practical resource reveals how to maximize the features and functionality of Excel 2007. You'll get in-depth details on Excel VBA programming and application development followed by 21 real-world projects--complete with source code--that show you how to set up specific subroutines and functions. The book then explains how to include the subroutines in the Excel menu system and transform a set of interrelated VBA macros into an Excel add-in package. Create your own Excel 2007 VBA macros right away with help from this hands-on guide.

Excel 2007 VBA Macro Programming shows you how to:

  • Write and debug VBA code
  • Create custom dialog boxes and buttons
  • Maximize the Excel object model
  • Write code to interact with a database
  • Add functionality to your programs with API calls
  • Insert class modules
  • Develop custom menus for the Ribbon
  • Animate objects in Excel
  • Create and manipulate Pivot Tables in VBA
  • Expand calculation and search functions
  • Create full-fledged Excel add-ins
  • Use VBA to work with XML files

Table of contents

Part I. Programming in Excel VBA; Ch. 1. The Basics; Ch. 2. Variables, Arrays, Constants, and Data Types; Ch. 3. Modules, Functions, and Subroutines; Ch. 4. Programming Basics: Decisions and Looping; Ch. 5. Strings and Functions and Message Boxes; Ch. 6. Operators; Ch. 7. Debugging; Ch. 8. Errors and the Error Function; Ch. 9. Dialogs; Ch. 10. Common Dialog Control; Ch. 11. Command Bars and Buttons; Part II. Object Models; Ch. 12. The Excel Object Model; Ch. 13. The Excel Object Model--Main Objects; Ch. 14. Using Excel to Interact with Other Office Programs; Ch. Part III. Advanced Techniques in Excel VBA; Ch. 15. Charts and Graphs; Ch. 16. Working with Databases; Ch. 17. API Calls; Ch. 18. Class Modules; Ch. 19. Animation; Ch. 20. Working with XML Files; Ch. 21. The Ribbon; Ch. 22. Pivot Tables; Part IV. VBA in Action; Ch. 23. Converting Labels to Numbers and Numbers to Labels; Ch. 24. Transposing a Range of Cells; Ch. 25. Adding Formula Details into Comments; Ch. 26. Calculating a Range; Ch. 27. Reversing a Label; Ch. 28. Who Created the Workbook; Ch. 29. Evaluating a Cell; Ch. 30. Sorting Worksheets into Alphabetical Order; Ch. 31. Replacing Characters in a String; Ch. 32. Timed Events; Ch. 33. Auto-Totaling a Matrix of Numbers; Ch. 34. Absolute and Relative Formulas; Ch. 35. Coloring Alternate Rows and Columns of the Spreadsheet; Ch. 36. Coloring Cells Containing Formulas; Ch. 37. Summing Cells by Reference to a Master Cell; Ch. 38. Globally Changing a Range of Values; Ch. 39. Displaying Hidden Sheets Without a Password; Ch. 40. Searching Multiple Sheets and Workbooks; Ch. 41. Brighten Up Your Comments; Ch. 42. Importing a CSV File Containing Leading Zeros; Ch. 43. Working with Shapes; Ch. 44. Turning Your VBA Code into a Add-In; Appendix. ASCII Character Codes; Index

Author comments

Richard Shepherd is a qualified accountant who has spent the last 20 years developing computer software in blue-chip organizations. He is the author of the previous edition of this book.

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